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The Nexus range of flooring adhesives is second to none. Using the latest raw materials, the technical staff at Nexus Adhesives have designed and formulated the flooring adhesive range with the end user in mind. Nexus Adhesives also produces bulk quantities of CSBR Latex Compounds for carpet and artificial grass manufacturers. Customising the formulas to improve on-line efficiencies is the key to adding value for Nexus Adhesives clients.


Flexibility is important. A hands-on approach is one that is adopted by Nexus Adhesives. Customising products is a real option for Nexus Adhesives’ clients, adjusting and modifying products to suit customer’s needs continues to be an important part of the Nexus Adhesives approach.

We are here to help. Nexus Adhesives values its flexibility and willingness to assist all of its existing and potential clientele. Furthermore Nexus Adhesives continues to be creative and provide new products and innovations that its clients can take full advantage of.